About Us

Become the best version of yourself at MM Hair Care.

MM Hair Care is where a team of specialists in their field work on your image.

Unique styling, beautiful hair colour or original cuts are our credo. We have already conquered the hearts of many girls in our country and were partners in the Czech Miss competition.

For an even greater experience, we are constantly expanding our services. Now you can enjoy quality care for your hair and body in one place – our salon. We choose the highest quality products for this concept because we simply settle for the best. With us, you will always feel and look fabulous.

Our Vision

Say it your way

Just as each person is a unique being, so too does he express his individuality. We are partners who collaborate on your self-expression and co-create your vision, it is the personalization of your personality.

Our mision

They’ll tell you you look great

A beautiful and harmonious world is what we want to see and what we create. Our common efforts are aimed at beautifying, healing and improving human beings, where the by-product is the joy of each of us.

Our team

I like colour because it makes the world more colourful.


This profession is not just a job, it is an art in which there are no limits in creating a new image.


I’m an enthusiast who loves her job.


Those who love their work have fun for half their lives. Come and have fun.


My vision is to create a more beautiful and harmonious world around us.


I love creativity and the ability to discover the beauty in everyone.


” Times change, but the reason for beauty remains.”