Beautiful not only to look at.

Services in a nutshell

Hair cutting

Precision cuts reveal the secret to easy grooming. Be in control.


Hair colouring

A wide range of colours and techniques for lots of fun. Find your own and get colouring.


Extensions and thickening

You don’t have to cut the meter anymore, there will be plenty of hair again and in Central European quality.


Skin care

We have a solution for every skin type, a solution for every problem and much more.

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Smooth as ever and without irritation, you’ll only irritate with your softness.



That first touch will be worth it. We’ll perfect your hands so much you’ll regret keeping them in your pocket.

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Instant Change Guarantee

Your satisfaction and comfort are the most important criteria for us. We treat each of you with respect and therefore guarantee a refund if your expectations and requirements are not met.


All professional packaging is made from 100% recycled material.


None of our products are tested on animals.