Hairdressing in Brno

In the MM Hair Care studio we offer hairdressing services of exclusive quality. We will advise you on the choice of cut, colour and style and will style your hair according to your wishes. Our team of top-notch hairdressers can do ladies’ and men’s cuts, as well as formal hairstyles, colouring, balayage, highlights and a total image transformation in collaboration with cosmetics one floor above 🙂
Your hair and you deserve nothing but the best, treat yourself to pampering treatments, rejuvenating cuts, brighten up your colour or sparkle a whole new, unique you.

To ensure your 100% satisfaction, we offer a free consultation.

Ideal place in the heart of Brno

Our salon can be found right in the centre of Brno on Dominikánské náměstí 3. Right next to the Jalta arcade and music stores right on the square, where you can sit in one of the many cafes in the summer and in the winter you can find the quieter part of the Christmas market.
We are here all year round and every weekday from 8 to 8.

Come and relax and recharge your positive energy. You will leave with a new hairstyle and full of confidence to the centre of Brno.

Prices of haircuts

Every client is treated with the utmost care. We provide a full service consultation, washing, conditioning, blow drying and styling of your hair. Choose a stylist, artist or director and everyone will take care of you and your hair with all the care you deserve. Prices are quoted from a minimum amount, final price may vary depending on individual needs.

Top-notch professionals

We are ready to make your dreams come true and consult with you about your wishes. Our team has years of experience and is continually educating themselves to offer you the most luxurious care in Brno. Our goal is your satisfaction, smile and lifted self-esteem. We offer not only haircuts according to the latest trends, but also regeneration and care for your hair and skin.

Ladies hairdresser in the heart of Brno

We offer first-class hairdressing services while helping you express your unique personality. Not sure what would suit you? Want to experiment? We’ll help you find the perfect version of yourself. We’ll discuss everything together and find the right fit.

We offer:

  • Blowing
  • Cutting
  • Dyeing and lightening
  • Highlights
  • Balayage
  • Permanent and permanent waves
  • Hair care and nourishment
  • Festive Hairstyles
  • Free consultation

Men’s hairdresser in Brno

Men’s haircuts are often overlooked, but you deserve the best too. Regular haircuts for every occasion, short cuts for the least need for additional styling at home, undercut and length grooming are our passion and vision.

We offer:

  • Crew a fade cut
  • undercut
  • Ivy league cut
  • Side part
  • French crop
  • Care for long hair
  • Coloring
  • Hair highlighting
  • Free consultation

Hairdressing without an appointment and on request

You can make an appointment for MM hair care both by phone and online via the booking form. Both options are available, but a telephone booking is quicker and more convenient if you need an immediate booking or have any specific requirements.

This also comes with a free initial consultation. Together we will discuss what your hair has been through, its history of colouring and other interventions. This will help us prepare the best result for you.

Didn’t manage to make an appointment and you are in the centre of Brno? Drop by if we can, we take clients without an appointment.



Blowing 400 – 600
Cut, Blowing 700 – 1200
Cut, Color 1500 – 1800
Cut,Baleage 2000 – 2400
Cut, Hair highlighting 2200 – 2600
Cut, Per. waves 1800 – 2100
Cut, Cover5 1300
Hairstyle (from-to) 500 – 2800



Blowing 500 – 700
Cut, Blowing 900 – 1400
Cut, Color 1900 – 2200
Cut, Baleage 2400 – 2800
Cut, Hair highlighting 2600 – 3000
Cut, Per. waves 2200 – 2500
Cut, Cover5 1500
Hairstyle (from-to) 500 – 2800



Blowing 700 – 900
Cut, Blowing 1200 -1700
Cut, Color 2400 – 2700
Cut, Baleage 2800 – 3200
Cut, Hair highlighting 3000 – 3400
Cut, Per. waves 2600 – 2900
Cut, Cover5 1800
Hairstyle (from-to) 500 – 3300