Skin care and cosmetics in the heart of Brno

We are each unique and deserve the best. That’s why we treat our clients individually. Cosmetics and skin care is our passion. We work with products from Medik8, a London based cosmetic brand that offers the very best in skin care and rejuvenation.
We care for your skin, but we also care for your soul. Enjoy relaxing in our studio in Dominican Square where you can indulge in a moment to yourself. Because the best investment is in you – and you deserve to be pampered.

We offer top-notch beauty services backed by years of experience, and luxurious and functional beauty products. From basic skin treatments to young and mature skin care to challenging, acne-prone or sensitive skin, we can handle it all and ensure you leave us happier and more beautiful.
You know what you want – only the best care for your skin. Choose from our range. Or do you want to get advice?

Kosmetický salon MM hair care na Dominikánském náměstí

Skin care and cosmetics

Are you suffering from acne, wrinkles or something else? We have the solution to most of your ailments and together we will set out on a journey to your perfection. Effective cosmetic treatments – these are quality products, but also the right professional application. We will discuss with you your skin type and the best treatments and suggest home care. Each consultation is personal, tailored to you so that it always meets the ever-changing needs of your skin.

Modern cosmetics Medik8

Are you eco-conscious but want skincare that works? So do we! That’s why we work with Medik8. The brand’s products are not tested on animals, protect the oceans by limiting the use of plastics, are offered in glass bottles, and contain nothing extra. Cosmetics and skincare with Medik8 is a purely luxurious experience that will please even the most discerning clients.
Interested in more? These are the Medik8 products we use.

Regular care and one-off treatments

Forget the worries of everyday life in the care of our top beauticians. Each treatment is carefully prepared to not only rejuvenate your skin, but also to intensely relax it, resulting in visible changes that you and your surroundings will notice. Using professional Medik8 products, you can be sure that you will be clearly pleased with the treatment and its results.
Regular care will help you to embark on a journey towards greater self-confidence. Let us smooth wrinkles around your eyes and rejuvenate your skin. It’s perfectly simple.

Skin treatment

Come for rejuvenation and care in the very centre of Brno. Choose your dream treatment or get advice. We are here for you.

Deeply moisturising treatment

Price: 1500 Kč

This treatment is aimed at complete nourishment and soothing of skin that suffers from lack of hydration. It is especially designed for dull, tired and disturbed skin. The treatment uses special products and ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, which provide the skin with the necessary hydration and nutrients to restore the skin’s vitality and improve its overall condition.

Renewing cleansing treatment

Price: 1500 Kč

This treatment is designed for oily, problematic and acne-prone skin. It uses deep-cleansing actives that help remove impurities and excess sebum from the skin, such as AHAs and BHAs, niacinamide and squalane. The goal of this treatment is to achieve smooth, soothed and brightened skin through appropriate cleansing and exfoliating procedures chosen specifically for your skin. The treatment improves the overall appearance and condition of problematic skin.

Treatment of skin with enlarged pores

Price: 1600 Kč

This treatment is similar to a restorative cleansing treatment, but focuses mainly on relieving enlarged pores (comedones) in oily, problematic and acne-prone skin. The active ingredients deeply cleanse the skin and help reduce enlarged pores, resulting in smoother, soothed and brighter skin.

Soothing skin treatment

Price: 1600 Kč

This treatment is specially developed for those who suffer from red, hot and highly sensitive skin. The Medik8 products used have a soothing effect and help in healing the skin. The treatment is gentle and designed to relieve irritation and improve the overall condition of sensitive skin.

Ošetření pleti s rozšířenými póry v MM hair care kosmetickém studiu
Ošetření pleti superfacial v MM hair care kosmetickém studiu<br />

Brightening skin treatment

Price: 1700 Kč

This luxurious treatment is aimed at brightening dull skin. The aim of the treatment is to unify skin tone, brighten the overall complexion and give a radiant look. We use Medik8 products and techniques to help improve skin texture and appearance, reduce pigment spots and achieve a fresher look.

Platinum skin treatment + Superfacial

Price: 1800 Kč

This relaxing rejuvenating treatment is a combination of the platinum mask and the Superfacial method. The treatment aims to visibly firm, renew and brighten the skin, restoring a youthful appearance. The platinum mask contains special ingredients that promote hydration and slow skin aging. The Superfacial method includes exfoliation techniques and ingredients to remove dead skin cells and improve skin elasticity.

Platinum skin treatment + Scientific Mushroom

Price: 1900 Kč

Like the previous treatment, this relaxing rejuvenating treatment combines a platinum mask with another method, this time Scientific Mushroom. The aim is to lift, renew and firm the skin to give it a more youthful appearance. Scientific Mushroom includes special mushroom extracts that have benefits for skin health and rejuvenation.

Medik8 Peeling

Price: 1400 Kč

This treatment uses peeling products from Medik8 that are aimed at renewing the skin. The peels, which are used as mono peels or combination peels, provide an effective solution for skin rejuvenation. They contain ingredients with exfoliating properties that help to remove dead skin cells and promote skin regeneration, leading to improved skin appearance and texture.

Eyelashes and eyebrows

Dare to shine. At our company, we believe you deserve total care. Together, we will rejuvenate and brighten your skin and make your eyelashes and eyebrows beautiful too.

Eyelash colouring

Price: 150 Kč

This procedure aims to enhance the appearance of eyelashes and lengthen them. The colour is carefully applied to each lash, giving the lashes a more intense and darker shade that will retain its richness for up to several weeks. Often, you won’t even need to continue highlighting your lashes with mascara.

Eyebrow colouring

Price: 150 Kč

This procedure will give your eyebrows a fuller, more defined look. The colour used and its selection is always adapted to your wishes and is continuously consulted. The result is eyebrows that look natural yet spectacular. Eyebrow colouring is particularly popular with people with light eyebrows.

Eyebrow colouring and shaping

Price: 250 Kč

This treatment includes the application of eyebrow colour and eyebrow shaping. This consists of removing unwanted hair and shaping the eyebrows to perfectly match the shape of your face and your preferences. Properly shaped and highlighted eyebrows effectively accentuate your natural beauty.

Eyebrow Lamination

Price: 900 Kč

Eyebrow Lamination is a special procedure that makes it possible to achieve a cultivated look of the eyebrows even for a longer period of time. First, we perfectly shape the hairs and then fix the eyebrows into the desired shape. You can then enjoy the result for several weeks.

Eyebrow colouring, eyelashes and shaping

Price: 400 Kč

Treat yourself to the whole package of the best. This treatment combines eyebrow and lash colouring with eyebrow shaping. The result is a comprehensive service that brightens and enhances your entire eye area. Accentuate your natural beauty.

Lash Lifting & Botox

Price: 1100 Kč

Do you desire eyelashes like a goddess? Lash Lifting is a procedure that will significantly lift and lengthen your eyelashes. This completes the effect of beautifully curled lashes without the need for mascara or eyelash curlers. It also visually enhances the eyes.

Frequently asked questions about cosmetic treatments:

Is Medik8 suitable for skin with acne?

Yes, the Medi8 cosmetics we work with in the MM Hair care cosmetic studio are suitable for acne-prone skin. We will always discuss your wishes with you and recommend the ideal treatment for your skin.

Can I buy a cosmetics voucher for a friend?

Of course! 🙂 Just come to the reception, we will issue a voucher and you can enjoy a great gift.

How to take care of your skin? Do you offer consultations?

Yes, we offer consultations. Call 734 311 306 to discuss your wishes and ideas, what you can do at home and ideal beauty treatments.

How much does skin cleansing cost?

Depending on the procedure, however, we recommend our cleansing treatment for 1500 CZK to cleanse the skin of impurities.

Skin care with Medik8 cosmetics

We work with London-based brand Medik8 because we agree with it: it meets the most stringent tests while trying to minimise its impact on our planet.

Recycled paper

We care about the environment. All our paper material is made from 100% recycled materials or FSC-certified cardboard. FSC certification means that the material is made from wood sourced from forests grown with respect for the environment or from recycled raw materials. Some of our products must be in plastic packaging to maintain their stability and effectiveness. Since results are crucial to us, we take this as a necessity. However, wherever possible, we only introduce environmentally friendly packaging.

Saving energy

We believe in “green chemistry”, which is science-based manufacturing using energy-efficient processes, from the sourcing of raw materials to the final product. Even the operation of our buildings runs on 100% fully renewable energy.

No animal suffering

We never conduct animal experiments, nor have we ever asked another company to conduct them on our behalf. We are careful to comply with this regulation and take this as an integral part of our product development and supplier selection. We look forward to the day when animal testing is banned globally and forever.

Pure skin care

It’s not just about what you put into the product, but also what is left behind. In addition to our products being 100% paraben-free, we also avoid a lot of other substances. For more information, please visit